OSWAN's 315 Vertical PoP

Level Vertical POP
SHQ 01
DHQ 30
Block HQ 284
Total 315

OSWAN's 61 Horizontal PoP

Level Horizontal POP
SHQ Bhubaneswar 20
DHQ Cuttack 15
DHQ Berhampur 12
DHQ Sambalpur 14
Total 61
Orissa State Wide Network (OSWAN)

Help Desk

The need for a help desk is critical in the Indian context since many users lack basic computer skills. Here the OSWAN users can log their queries / complaints, which will be resolved as per the SLA requirements. The helpdesk queries / complaints can be related to any of the assets deployed.

The facilities management scope will include all IT and non-IT assets installed by us as part of the project, for the entire duration of the contract. We will deploy adequate facilities management personnel at appropriate locations for facilities management.