OSWAN's 315 Vertical PoP

Level Vertical POP
SHQ 01
DHQ 30
Block HQ 284
Total 315

OSWAN's 61 Horizontal PoP

Level Horizontal POP
SHQ Bhubaneswar 20
DHQ Cuttack 15
DHQ Berhampur 12
DHQ Sambalpur 14
Total 61
Orissa State Wide Network (OSWAN)

Featured Services

 Polycom Readi Manager SE200
  • Core Features
    • Integrated Active Directory LDAP Integration for automated user maintenance and authentication
    • Unique user-centric Global Directory Service
    • On-Demand conferencing.
    • Integrated CDR Reporting captures resource utilization and facilitates charge-back billing
  • Scheduling & Conference Management
    • Create & manage scheduled conferences - point-to-point and multipoint - using web-based interface or Outlook
    • Evaluates and schedules bandwidth availability
    • Add / drop participants, extend conferences, mute conferences, etc.
  • Device Management
    • Automatic Software Updates to networked video devices — individually or by groups, immediately or at scheduled times
    • Provisioning for the creation and transfer of device profiles / settings to Polycom endpoints
    • Real-time Monitoring and Remote Management insures conferencing network integrity
  • Gatekeeper
    • Firewall Traversal Support allows video/voice to pass freely through firewalls without compromising security
    • Policy Management controls bandwidth utilization, enforces network policies, and manages resource access
    • RTP Statistics provide packet loss, jitter and latency-over-time stats to help analyze the quality of a video call over the network